Adam Lind will reportedly be leaving his role on "Teen Mom 2" after the conclusion of the currently airing season of the hit MTV series. While Lind and the network have not confirmed any such news, Lind has been known to express his desire to leave the show in the past, and on February 27, a Radar Online report claimed he was sick of "being bashed."

According to the report, Lind isn't willing to involve himself in any more of the drama on the show and has been telling his friends that he will be leaving next season. That said, he hasn't actually gotten an offer for season 8 quite yet.

Instead, he's waiting for his new contract -- and ready to say "no" because he's simply sick of "getting bashed all the time on the show.”

Although some "Teen Mom 2" cast members live off their MTV paychecks, Adam Lind has reportedly taken on a job as a mechanic and is beginning to get reacquainted with living a normal life away from the cameras. “He just wants to live his life [and] not be bad-mouthed," the source said. "He is living the normal quiet life. He’s working on a friend’s car lot doing mechanic work.”

Adam Lind hasn't filmed much in recent months

While Lind is currently under contract to appear on the second half of "Teen Mom 2" season seven, the insider said Lind barely ever films with MTV.

Instead, producers have been honing in on Chelsea Houska, his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 7-year-old daughter, who has been seen preparing for the birth of her second child with husband Cole DeBoer.

Adam Lind didn't skip Aubree's birthday

As Radar Online revealed to readers, "Teen Mom 2" made it seem as if Lind had chosen to skip his daughter's birthday during a recent episode.

However, in reality, Lind had simply held his own party for Aubree, which isn't too surprising. After all, he and Houska haven't gotten along in years and a joint birthday party would likely be quite tense.

To see more of Adam Lind and his co-stars, including his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Houska, and her family, tune in to new episodes of "Teen Mom 2" on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.