Adam Lind may not want to be a part of "Teen Mom 2" for much longer. Following numerous reports and comments about his possible exit from the show, Lind was seen complaining to a female producer during a sneak peek at the January 30 episode of the MTV reality show.

While chatting with the woman named Mandi, Lind is confronted with a deal he reportedly went back on. As an OK! Magazine report revealed days ago, Lind was supposed to stick around and film with MTV and his daughter, Aubree, but according to Mandi, he instead drove off and refused to follow through with their plan.

"Why would you do that?,” the producer asked Lind. “I can do whatever I want,” he responded.

Adam Lind has been unhappy with the editing of 'Teen Mom 2' in the past

Lind has expressed his disappointment in his portrayal on the show in recent years and at times, he's claimed to be ready to quit. However, despite his regular comments about leaving the show, he has yet to do so. That said, the drama has continued on the show.

As the OK! Magazine sneak peek continued, Mandi confronted Lind about their agreement and reminded him that they had come to the terms in an effort to make things comfortable for him. Still, Lind was not sold on the idea of following through and honoring his word, and told Mandi that the best scenario for him was to have the cameras removed from his personal space.

Chelsea Houska welcomed her second child last week

Days ago, Adam Lind's ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Houska, welcomed her second child, the first for her husband Cole DeBoer. On Instagram, Houska shared the first photos of her son, Watson Cole, as her husband and several others posted even more shots of the baby boy.

While Adam Lind does have active social media pages, he has not yet commented publicly on Houska's baby news.

Instead, he's stayed completely silent on both Instagram and Twitter in recent weeks.

To see more of Adam Lind and his co-stars, including his former girlfriend Chelsea Houska, tune in to "Teen Mom 2" season 7B tonight, January 30, and every Monday night at 9 p.m. on MTV.