"Teen Mom 2" fans know that Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind have a very rocky and volatile relationship. The pair haven't been together romantically in many years, but they do share a child together, daughter Aubree. Fans have watched over the years as Adam seemingly neglected his daughter on many occasions, including some very big events like her father/daughter dance at school, which her new step-dad, Cole DeBoer attended with her in place of Lind. Now, Chelsea has had enough of Adam, and is calling him out for something he said in the premiere on Monday night.

Chelsea Houska calls out Adam Lind on Twitter

According to Wet Paint, in the "Teen Mom 2" premiere Adam Lind seemed very angry and annoyed by MTV's presence at his home. Adam made producers and camera operators wait outside of his home while he napped, and then when he finally let them in he complained about how he is portrayed on the show. Adam says that MTV loves to highlight all of the things he doesn't do, or the things he does wrong, but won't ever film him doing the positive things in his life, such as any activities that include him spending time with his daughter, Aubree. Adam basically blamed Chelsea Houska for not informing MTV of those types of events, which is why cameras don't show up to film them.

Chelsea's dad gets in on the action

However, Chelsea Houska isn't taking the accusations lying down. Chelsea, and her father, Randy Houska, both had a lot to say about Adam's comments in the "Teen Mom 2" premiere. "She doesn't have to call MTV for him. Agreed?" Randy tweeted out during the premiere. Later, Chelsea added that "It was his parents weekend with Aubs, so I told them about the school event.

Nobody told me he was going to go to it. Houska later added that the entire argument was "irrelevant" because the MTV cameras are not allowed to film at Aubree's school anyway.

Chelsea and Adam don't even speak to each other

Meanwhile, things have been pretty rocky between Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind. The "Teen Mom 2" star recently revealed that she and Adam barely speak unless they are at an event for the show.

They have no communication with each other about their daughter, and Chelsea seemingly goes through Adam's parents to discuss important events. It looks like the drama between Chelsea and Adam is never ending.