YouTube star, Trisha Paytas, delivers more than an ample bust and blonde extensions. Her flamboyant disposition and candid character hypnotize both fans and critics. However, her frank discussions, crying jags, and bizarre rants cause a flurry of negative responses. The crude comments dampen her spirits, so Paytas nosedives into deep depression. She reiterates that she's a warrior, but every victor has an Achilles heel. As the hate continues, Paytas delves into despair. Complete with a maternity bra and messy bun, she kisses her viewers goodbye.

She needs a break from social media, and who could really blame her?

Breakup spills bad blood

Before Christmas 2016, Paytas was high on love. Her relationship with professional dancer, Sean van der Wilt, was her top priority. She defended him, praised him, and boosted his popularity. Unfortunately, a viral clip captured him at a nightclub with an Instagram model and unknown man. His drunken flirtations caught the eyes of thousands, and one pair belonged to Paytas. She lost her mind, but she found solace within the YouTube community. She poured her heart out on-screen, and supporters sent sweet messages her way. When Paytas uploaded questionable content, though, people were no longer sympathetic.

They were enraged.

Paytas' final thoughts

Paytas' video was titled "my last video." She relayed her frustrations to the camera, and she explained her decision. She said, "Having everyone tell you 'you're crazy; you're lying; you're feelings aren't legit'...You guys, I'm just trying to explain my life as it goes...This is my life...So, I'm just gonna regroup, and figure out what I need to do." Paytas was overwhelmed, and her mind was bombarded with guilt and resentment.

Her past and present wounds haven't healed yet. Wilt wasn't her only deceptive confidant; her rocky (at best) and abusive (at worst) romances marred her well-being, and the turmoil impacted more than Paytas' recorded performances. Hopefully she can overcome the heartbreak and move on from it.