In a surprising turn of events, Trisha Paytas has just split up with her long-term boyfriend. Trisha and Sean have had their fair share of problems during their year-long relationship. The couple has broken up several times in the past and it's usually resulted in Trisha posting impromptu videos about the situation on her YouTube channel. Now, it looks like Sean and Trisha could be done for good.

The videos

Trisha's first vlog went up 7 hours ago. The video is 4 minutes long and currently has 166,867 views. In the video, Trisha explains that she suspects Sean cheated on her last night.

She supposedly received Snapchats from a girl that she didn't know. The girl and Sean were dancing at a gay club. Trisha also explains in the video that Sean was ignoring her and screening her calls.

Trisha is slightly calmer in the second vlog. She explains that she isn't sure about his sexuality or whether or not he's been faithful. She also lets her audience know that Sean took a man to Thanksgiving dinner with his family and didn't invite her.

The third vlog is where things completely unravel. Trisha reveals that the girl Sean was dancing with at the club was a lesbian and Sean came in kissing another man. Trisha also lets the audience know that Sean has blocked her on social media and refused to see her when she visited his house.

In the video, Trisha is struggling to breathe because of her extreme sobbing. She claims that she and Sean will never talk again and that he warned her not to make any videos about the situation.


Neither Trisha nor Sean have updated their Twitter or Instagram accounts since Trisha's first video. Trisha has uploaded a total of 10 videos today and it appears that she's getting ready to take a break from her YouTube channel.

Sean's last Instagram post currently has nearly 2,000 comments. The majority of the comments seem to be all from Trisha's fans. Many of them are demanding answers from Sean about the break-up and questioning his sexuality. He has yet to respond to any of them.