The tables have just turned! Trisha's ex-boyfriend, Sean Van Der Wilt is taking her to court! The couple split up again for what seems like the millionth time last week. As a result, Trisha's made eight videos about Sean and the situation in the span of four days. Sadly, it looks like Trisha went too far and Sean's had enough of the public slander.


The break-up officially occurred on December 10th, when Trisha claimed that she was unable to get in contact with Sean all day. Trisha then began uploading impromptu vlogs to her channel that explained the situation from her point of view.

The YouTube star allegedly discovered that Sean was seen at a gay bar where he was dancing with another girl. Eventually, Trisha found out that the girl was not only a lesbian but that she only danced with Sean because she believed he was a gay and saw him dancing and kissing another man. This sent Trisha even further into her spiral. She released two more videos about the drama before the night was over.

Trisha's response

Trisha's released two more videos related to her potential lawsuit. These videos have a much different tone than her previous rants. Not only does Trisha d appear more put together but she also appears to be visibly angry, unlike her earlier vlogs where she was mainly sobbing.

In her first video, Trisha stated that she does not plan to settle and will not be deleting her recent vlogs about Sean. She also let her audience know that she doesn't think that she's at fault for outing Sean.

"First of all, [Sean's] a public figure, I can comment on it. Second of all, I didn't say [he was] gay. I don't even know.

I mean, I'm only assuming he's suing me because...I don't know. I can't say if it's true or not."

Sean's response

Sean has yet to publicly release any statement about the break-up or the lawsuit. However, the singer and backup dancer has disabled comments for several of his Instagram pictures, as well as deleting some pictures of him and Trisha together. Sean has also disabled comments for many of his recent YouTube videos on his personal channel.