The most explosive show “The Bachelor” hitting the TV screens every Monday evening has completed three weeks with speeds raising to a high level as The ‘Platinum Vagine’ Corinne Olympios seems to become the lady villain to all other contestants she tries to woo the man Nick Viall by her seductive games and naughty behaviour.

Liz went home after rose ceremony

Liz went home in the last episode as she did not win the rose from Nick and now seventeen contestants are left, and Corinne seems to prove the biggest and the sexiest threat to all the aspiring women ready to court the bachelor of the season, Nick Viall

Corinne is a multimillionaire business woman who runs her family business in Florida and a successful model.

She was in the news in early episodes as during a group date and bridal photo shoot with Nick. She had put on beach bride theme and went ahead positioning herself too intimately with Nick without wearing her bikini top. Her stunt had offended other women in the show, but she defended herself saying that even her dad would be proud of her.

Corinne designs a sexy snack for Nick: whipped cream on her cleavage

She seems to enjoy the designation of a villain on the show as she keeps seducing Nick with her sexy tantrums and latest was the whipped cream drama she tried to create for Nick. Before the rose ceremony, she tried to play the best villain ever on the show and tried to attract the best attention from Nick as wore a revealing outfit and invited Nick to lick the whipped cream on her cleavage.

Nick proved compassionate enough and kept the respect of other girls

Nick certainly liked the sexy snack and appreciated the menu but did not welcome her with the act and kept the respect of other girls.

He was not really humiliating to her, but his action did piss her off, and she missed the whole rose ceremony. However, this does not affect her chances in the show as she already has a rose.

She ended up crying in her room as Nick did not authenticate her behaviour and proceeded with the rose ceremony. Corinne became the strongest contestants in the show as she got the first kiss from Nick