In shocking news, Mariah Brown announced last night on "Sister Wives" that she is actually gay. Nobody expected to hear this, but at the very end of the show, Mariah shared the news. Her mom Meri Brown was shocked, simply because she thought she knew her daughter better than that and didn't expect to her that from her. Next week will be all about how the family feels about the news. Now everyone is curious if Mariah has a girlfriend or not.

Does Mariah Brown have a girlfriend?

Mariah Brown is very active on her Twitter account. She revealed that she spent New Year's Eve with her brother Logan Brown and his girlfriend Michelle in Dublin.

It sounds like they had a great time together. She isn't sharing in her profile if there is someone in her life. It simply says, "ask me about my radical feminist agenda." Today she retweeted someone saying how happy they are for and that "love is love."

Last night when Mariah Brown announced that she was gay, she did it on her own. If she has someone special in her life, they were not there with her so she could introduce them to the family. Mariah just admitted she is gay, which could mean she simply figured it out and doesn't have a girlfriend just yet or at least not right now.

Some of the Brown children have brought their significant others on the show in the past. Maddie Brown's husband Caleb Brush is on the show and so is Mykelti Brown's fiance Tony.

Logan has brought his girlfriend Michelle on the show as well. If Mariah Brown has a girlfriend, it would not be shocking at all if this person was to join the show. Only time will tell if Mariah has someone special in her life and if she is going to introduce them to the fans on the show or not. It will all be up to her. She doesn't live at home now, so it is a bit easier for her to keep things a secret if she wants to do it.

Do you think that Mariah Brown has a girlfriend in her life? Where you shocked by her admitting that she is gay? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Sister Wives" on Sunday nights on TLC.