Kim Burrell is a Gospel performer and minister at Love & Liberty Fellowship Church in Houston. She used that platform to deliver a sermon that was taped and shared on social media in which she called gays and lesbians "perverted." The sermon didn't stop there. The singer/pastor spoke of specific acts between two men as well as acts between two women. The specific homosexual acts were called perverted. She even referred to gays and lesbians as deceived by "delusion and confusion." Homosexuals were further called "serpents" and told they would all die in 2017.

Did Kim Burrell offer an apology?

On Friday, she took to Facebook to speak out against her "enemies" that only showed part of the sermon in question. Burrell is not apologetic for her statements and stands by them. She explained that she is against sin, not members of the LGBTQ community. Any confusion on her intent was the fault of the one putting the video out rather than her actual words being the issue.

Kim Burrell and Pharrell are scheduled to appear on "Ellen" on Thursday, January 5th. The two are to perform a duet, "I See Victory," from the soundtrack of "Hidden Figures." Janelle Monae from the named movie is also scheduled to be there.

While the stars of the movie "Hidden Figures" were quick to speak out against her speech, Pharrell took it one step further.

Though he made no specific connection to his fellow singer, he did say that his hope for the future was "inclusion and love" for everyone. Janelle Monae picked up where Pharrell left off in making sure she is not of the same mindset as Burrell.

What are 'Ellen' fans saying?

Ellen DeGeneres and the staff from the "Ellen" show have had over 2,000 tweets from fans asking her to cancel the appearance of the apparently anti-gay singer/pastor.

Fans are offended and angered. The lack of an apology has only made things worse. So far, there is no word on the plans of "Ellen," and whether the appearance will go on as planned. It seems that fans will just have to tune in to find out.