Tonight it is time for a new episode of "Sister Wives" that will be three hours long. Us Magazine shared that Mykelti Brown's mom Christine is going to speak out about how she isn't totally convinced that Tony Padron is the one for Mykelti. The thing is this was filmed a while ago, and now Mykelti and Tony are already married. Hopefully, Tony was able to win over Christine before they tied the knot.

What is going down tonight on "Sister Wives"?

Christine will be helping Mykelti get ready for her big wedding, which just happens to be four months away.

Mykelti wanted to have it sooner, but the family was able to convince her to wait a bit longer she should have a better day.Tonight they will be getting flowers ready for the big day, but Christine will also talk about what is going on with Tony.

Christine talks about how the wedding is still four months away. This gives the family that much time to get to know Tony better and see how he gets along with everyone. This is all different from when Maddie Brown got married to Caleb Brush. The family already knew Caleb and loved him, so that made it a lot easier for them. Tony and Mykelti don't live near the family, so it is harder to get to know him.

The entire family is taking a trip to Brian Head, Utah.

This will give them a chance to spend some more time with Tony and Mykelti together and see how they interact with each other. This will actually give them time to get to know him a bit better, too. Christine admits that she is having doubts about Tony and really wants to put some closure on those during this trip. It will be interesting to see how it all goes down.

Christine Brown just wants what is best for her daughter, and she feels like she needs to get to know Tony more before she figures out if that is him or not.

Are you shocked to hear that Christine Brown isn't a huge fan of Tony Padron? Do you think that she changed her mind before they got married? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Sister Wives" on TLC on Sunday nights.