Hey, "Young And The Restless" peeps. We've got a whopping five, fresh storyline reveals for the upcoming Friday, January 13th, 2017 episode, which is the one that will be closing out the week. These sound like some major stuff is going down too as a big confrontation goes takes place between Jill and Victoria over differing agendas. Devon finds out he's definitely not in the clear from that horrible accident, and more.

She needs to cut it out

I'll go ahead and get this session started with this Jill and Victoria situation. It turns out that Jill has this passionate agenda to do some matchmaking, and Victoria is definitely not going to like it.

This will reportedly cause a huge confrontation to flare up between the two of them. It's initiated by Victoria, so it sounds like she'll be the one to get all up in Jill's face. They didn't give us anymore details on it, so we don't know if it escalates to a physical altercation, or not. But it sounds like things will ,most certainly, get real intense between these ladies.

He doesn't sound ok

Next, we learn that Devon is going to find out just how serious his recent car accident was as our Soaps.com sources, describe that he's going to start experiencing some pretty heavy after-effects from it. They didn't go into detail about what these after-effects are, so we're not privy to that intel, but this situation does sound quite serious.

Will he be able to get over this accident completely? Or will these problems keep persisting? Those are some big questions with this storyline.

Hilary sparks questions

In this next scoop, we've got a situation where Hilary is attempting to take Devon home. Apparently, this is not going to seem right in Abby's eyes as it's described that she is going to start wondering why in the hell is Hilary the one taking Devon home.

I guess the question, here, is will Abby turn this into a confrontational situation? Or just let it rest with continuing to stay curious about it? Hopefully, this episode will answer those questions for us.

Reed opens up

Next, we learn that Billy is going to have Reed's full trust in the palm of his hands, because it's revealed that Reed is going to totally open up to him and confide in him.

What type of things will he spill to Billy? Will Billy prove that Reed is right in trusting him? It's going to be interesting to find out.

She's forced to get along

Finally, we've got this last teaser that they gave us. It's going to have to do with Lily and what she's currently up to. Apparently, we're going to see her, being forced to have to play nice as they describe it. Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate what she'll be playing nice about and with who she is playing nice with. So, it will definitely be interesting to see how this little scenario plays out. Stay tuned.