Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. I've got a couple of spoiler scoops to close out this week in the upcoming Friday, January 13th, 2017 episode. We got these from the wonderful TV guide folks, and they sound extremely interesting as we have Liam getting a weird request from Wyatt, which entails squeezing a Quinn compliment out of him at some point. Then we'll be seeing Quinn get a huge shocker thrown at her when Ridge totally flips up the script on her, and more!

Dazed and deceived

We only have two storyline scoops for this one as usual, since it's just a 30 minute show.

More like 23 minutes when factor in commercials. But anyways, I digress. Lets jump into this Quinn and Ridge situation. Apparently, we're going to learn that Quinn has totally been buying all this BS that Ridge has been selling her, because when he decides to flip up the script on her out of the blue, it's described that she is going to totally be dumbfounded and confused by it.

I guess the big questions, here, is what will Quinn do in retaliation to getting played? How long will she wallow in agony over Ridge's deception? Are we going to finally see some more classic Quinn scandals flare back up as a result of this? Well, I certainly hope so, because it'll definitely make things even more intriguing.

Think of one good thing. Come on, just one

Next, we've got this last storyline scoop to share with you guys. It involves sort of strange situation that takes place between Wyatt and Liam. Apparently, Wyatt is going to be so consumed with trying to prove that his scandalous mother ,Quinn, is really good way down deep underneath all her layers of BS, that he's actually going to resort to trying to get Liam, of all people, to say at least one good thing about her.

They didn't reveal anymore details about how far this conversation will go. However, the big questions will be: can Liam actually find, at least, one lonely positive thing to say about her? Or will he leave Wyatt just hanging and waiting forever? My money's on the latter, but hey, you never know. Liam might surprise us. Whatever the case, this sounds like the lesser of the two storylines. It's just sounds more odd. Stay tuned.