Hey, "Celebrity Apprentice 2017" peeps. I've got some official spoiler scoops for the next episode 3 that's due to air next week. These come straight from NBC's latest press release, and they sound quite interesting as the teams have some very challenging projects they must complete for Kawaski motorcycles and famed billionaire, Warren Buffet. We'll also see the teams get split up into different genders during the second half, and more.

Breaking points get reached

They also gave us the title for this thing, which is: "Candy For A Billionaire." That title, no doubt, is referring to the task that the celebs will have to complete for Warren Buffet, but lets get started with the first task of the show, which will be dealing with Kawaski motorcycles.

During this challenge, the Celebrities are going to have to come up with a marketing campaign for the company. Along with that, it's revealed that we're probably going to see some elements get pushed to the limits as they describe that the celebs won't be afraid to push the freaking boundaries with this one.

One of them was just too serious

They're going to bring on "Moo.la" founder and CEO, Gemma Godfrey, to give Arnold Schwarzenegger's nephew, Patrick Knapp, a helping hand with the task of overseeing how the two campaigns are coming along. We also learn that one of teams is going to view this with a lot of humor, while the other one, contrast it greatly with a more serious point of view. It's revealed that the serious side might be viewed as being a little too serious, so we might see that side, losing this one.

We'll see.

It's candy time

Next, they gave us intel for the second half of the episode. This is the part where the teams have to pull off a big candy challenge for famous millionaire, Warren Buffet. Arnold is going to decide to split up the teams for this one, mixing up the genders, so it's no longer men vs. women. The campaign will be for Buffet's "See's Candy" company.

At one point, it sounds like things will get pretty damn serious when they fly two representatives from each team to actually present the candy to Buffet in person in Omaha, Nebraska!

Prepping is key

Lastly, they revealed that the most important part of this challenge, came down to preparation, and that one of the teams is really going to fail to do their homework, so to speak.

So, whichever team that is, will most likely be losing that task, along with another team member. Unfortunately, NBC wouldn't dare give that intel out in their press release, so we don't have that intel. We'll just have to wait until the show airs, to see what actually goes down in regards to that. Also, it's confirmed that episode 3 is indeed, airing next Monday night, January 16th, 2017 at 7pm central time. Stay tuned.