Hey, "scorpion" fans. Unfortunately, yes it's true. We're back at you ,again, with one of these sessions that entails, telling you that your favorite show will be MIA, tonight. This time, the new episode 13 of the current season 3 is the victim of this travesty. We're not really sure why another short break has popped up on us like this, but it is definitely a short one, because the new 13th installment is definitely set to arrive next Monday night, January 16th, 2017 in the 9pm central time slot, so be sure to mark that down on your TV planners.

Anybody up for a season 2 repeat?

As for what's coming on tonight, CBS has a special rerun for you guys. It's going to be the one that aired as the 13th episode of season 2, called: "White Out." This is one of the ones I remember, vividly. It features Toby, risking his life, in the Antarctica, to save Happy from freezing to death when she gets trapped in some sort of underground pit in the middle of a freaking blizzard. It's actually quite dramatic and suspenseful. If any of you guys haven't seen it, you might find it quite entertaining. If you're a hardcore fan, you've most likely already seen it, so you'll probably want to make other plans.

A fake money scheme

Now, onto some more positive news.

CBS did deliver the official press release for episode 13, which gave us the synopsis spoiler scoops for it. They sound very interesting too, because it turns out that Walter and company are actually going to get outsmarted or duped, so to speak. Someone is going to trick them into printing up counterfeit money for a foreign entity that apparently has plans all cooked up, that if carried out successfully, will totally destroy the entire economy of the United States!

So, yeah. It sounds like we've got some very serious storylines going down with this one.

Mommy's back for action

To cap off the scoops for this one, we learn that actress ,Lea Thompson, will show back up on the scene as Paige's mother, Veronica, because the team is going to need to rely on her grifter skills to get them out of this huge mess.

So, Veronica is definitely going to be playing an important role in this installment. Oh, and I almost forgot, CBS also revealed that the title for this one is: "Faux Money Maux Problems," which is very fitting, considering the nature of the plotline.

One last thing, we've also got some production credits for this one. The writing duties were handled by Aadrita Mukerji & Nicholas Wootton, and they got Omar Madha to take care of the directing. No spoiler clips have been released yet, so I couldn't provide any of those, but keep an eye out on the show's official Youtube channel, because they should post some this week sometime. Stay tuned.