Alright, so we're back with some very revealing, new spoilers for the upcoming "The Bachelor 2017" episode 3. These come from my very trusty source that I've been using for years, Judging from what I read, we got another set of pretty wild and dramatic scenes that we'll be seeing as Nick decides to give another woman an early send-away during one of the after parties. Corinne gets called out by a lot of the other girls, and more!

Backstreet's back, alright

In the next episode 3, the drama will, once again, take place on the west coast in Los Angeles,CA, and when everything is said and done, we're only going to see 15 of the current 18 chicks left standing.

To kick off the episode, we're going to see some group date footage that went down with: Kristina, Jasmine, Whitney, Danielle L., Taylor, Corinne, and Christen. They ended up, going to a Backstreet Boys concert with Nick way back on September 30th, 2016.

Why were Ashley i and Becca there?

For some reason, former contestants: Ashley I. and Becca were there, and got to go up onstage, first. Again, we don't know why this was the case either, because we don't even know why their irrelevant selves were there in the first, damn place. But anyways, after the concert, there was an afterparty that took place. Steve mentioned that, at one point, Corinne decided it would be a good idea to start bragging about having a nanny or something, and that caused a big confrontation scene with some of the other girls that didn't like it.

Uh oh! Then for Danielle, the night ended perfectly, because Nick gave her the early group date rose.

Also, according to some additional info on the group date, the girls had to learn how to do one of those cheesy Backstreet Boy dances, and then they picked the best lady. There was no mention of who they picked.

Zero gravity highs

Next, we learn that they showed a 1 on 1 date that took place with Vanessa Grimaldi way back on October 1st, 2016. They ended up, going on a date that involved zero gravity activities. Some of the activities you might recognize are: bungee jumping, skycoaster, ejection seat, skyscraper, etc. It sounds like they probably had a lot of fun, doing all those heart-pounding things.

Anyways, everything apparently went great, because Vanessa walked away with an early rose.

A track and field battle

Next up, was another group date outing. It involved: Alexis, Astrid, Rachel, Brittany, Dominique, Sarah, and Jaimi. They all competed in a track and field contest. They brought on Olympic legends: Carl Lewis, Michelle Carter and Allyson Felix to do some coaching. It's believed that Astrid won the contest, but Steve wasn't absolutely sure about it, so keep an open mind when it comes to that segment, I guess.

Good riddance Dominique

Then Nick decided to give Dominique an early boot during the after party festivities for some reason. It's speculated that it might have been due to over drinking, but we're not sure about that.

In the end, Rachel, walked away a very happy woman with the early group date rose. Poor Danielle M, Raven and Josephine didn't get a chance to participate in any date activities in this one.

A pool party instead

In this next segment, we learn that Nick decided to throw a pool party instead of the usual cocktail party. Corinne ended up, getting even more drama backlash over her nanny comments from earlier in the show. And it's reported that Corinne was also overly sexual and all over Nick, so that sounds really interesting. That should make for some wild scene footage.

Last, but most certainly not least, we have the rose ceremony, and poor: Christen Whitney and Brittany Farrar turned out to be the next set of elimination victims in this one to join Dominique Alexis who had already gotten the boot earlier in the show. Stay tuned.