Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has taken "The Celebrity Apprentice" boardroom over and made it his own! On the premiere last night, he made his expectations perfectly clear. Right down to what he is called no matter what their relationship outside of the show.

Spoilers for the season have been tough to come by. They are keeping a very close wrap on things and there seems to be little information available between the premiere and the final six. That means we have to start from there. If you don't want to know, stop reading now. Spoilers follow!

According to "Survivor Sucks" forums, Snooki Polizzi, Chael Sonnen and Eric Dickerson will soon follow Carni Wilson and Carrie Keagan to the "choppa" on the roof for their exit. No word on exactly which episodes these will happen but they are rumored to be early.

As stated, "The Celebrity Apprentice" is not leaking who the finalist or winners are but some pictures have made it out. Judging by what is available to us, we can draw conclusions on the final six.

The final 6?

Boy George, Carson Kressley, Brooke Burke-Charvett, Matt Iseman, Lisa Leslie and Laila Ali are the final six! The teams will be Carson, Boy George and Lisa against Brooke, Matt and Laila in a competition involving Gold's Gym.

All reports say that Vince Neil of "Motley Crew" does a fantastic job at raising money for his charity.

This leads us to believe he is a strong Project Manager of a task along the way. Something must go terribly wrong for him before the final six however. He is not seen in any photos available.

Guest advisers?

As in previous seasons with Donald Trump, Governor Schwarzenegger will have guests in the boardroom. They will help him with the decisions on who should be terminated and who should advance from the losing team.

Past winners and business icons are on the list to make up that team as the season progresses.

The typical catch phrase that comes with Arnold Schwarzenegger has made it on "The Celebrity Apprentice". Both Carrie and Carnie heard him say, "You are terminated!"