"The New Celebrity Apprentice" premiered on NBC on Monday, January 2, 2017. There were some changes from previous seasons that were quite noticeable. The name of the show has been changed slightly. However, people might still refer to it as "The Celebrity Apprentice" even though the correct name is "The New Celebrity Apprentice." The filming location of the reality show was changed from New York to Los Angeles.

The new boss and catchphrase

The former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the new boss. During the first episode, he was quick to tell contestants, "In here you call me Governor." When he eliminated a contestant, he did not say "You're fired!" like Donald Trump used to say.

Schwarzenegger used a phrase from his movie "The Terminator" and said, "You're terminated!" When the first person, Carrie Keagan, was eliminated the boss added, "Get to the chopper" which is a reference to his film "Predator."

When Carnie Wilson was eliminated, Schwarzenegger added a different reference from his movie "Terminator 2." After saying, "You're terminated!" he added, "Hasta la vista, baby!" Even though Schwarzenegger's main catchphrase is "You're terminated!" he seems to be adding other phrases from his movies.

Interesting things in first episode

Arnold Schwarzenegger's nephew and entertainment lawyer, Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger and supermodel Tyra Banks were advisers on the first episode of the season.

There are 11 advisers who will rotate on other episodes. It is interesting that Arnold and Patrick spoke German to each other when they didn't want the contestants to know what they were talking about.

The men who named themselves Team Arete won both challenges. Therefore, no man had to be terminated. Boy George was the project manager and won $50,000 for his charity for creating a 10-minute beauty presentation for Tyra's line of cosmetics.

Porsha Williams was project manager for Team Prima. The women lost, and Carrie Keagan was first to be eliminated.

Team Arete also won the second challenge by preparing a video for Trident chewing gum. Project manager Jon Lovitz won $50,000 for his charity. Project manager Carnie Wilson for Team Prima was sent home.