Is a Days Of Our Lives” cancellation on the way? Rumors have been swirling about this possibility on-and-off for years now, but the buzz escalated recently with the news that Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox News to start a new show on NBC. Many have speculated that Megyn's show on NBC will lead to the cancellation of “DOOL,” but now the network's entertainment chairman is speaking out about the rumors. What does he have to say?

Executives say no 'DOOL' decision has been made

As TVLine notes, NBC's Robert Greenblatt shared at the Television Critics Assocation winter press tour that no decent has been made regarding a “Days of Our Lives” cancellation at this point.

He says that he doesn't think that the soap is over yet, but no official news will emerge for a couple of months. Greenblatt adds that it's a “bad assumption” to think that Megyn's arrival at NBC will kill “DOOL,” as it's too early to know where Kelly's new show will land in the network's schedule.

As “DOOL” fans know, the soap tapes about six months ahead of when episodes air, which has always made things pretty tricky. What the cast is filming now will air over the summer and right now the cast and production team are contracted just through the end of the year. Greenblatt notes that they would want to give everybody, fans included, quite a bit of notice of a “Days of Our Lives” cancellation, but this hasn't settled the nerves of long-time viewers.

The fate of 'Days' does seem quite uncertain

According to Deadline, there are still talks taking place about keeping “DOOL” around, and the idea that Kelly's new show will directly cause a “Days of Our Lives” cancellation are off-base. However, the fate of the long-running soap does still hang in the balance and it sounds as if the possibility that “DOOL” will be canceled is more real than ever before.

NBC's entertainment president, Jennifer Salke, indicates that she hopes that “Days” continues, but it sounds as if there is a strong likelihood that the end of the year could bring the departure of one of the last remaining soap operas. Do you think that NBC will cancel “Days of Our Lives” or will it be saved once again?