Hey, "Days Of Our Lives" peeps. It's Thursday, so that means we've got the big spoiler scoops for Friday's upcoming January 13th, 2017 episode. We were able to get quite a couple of storyline teasers from our trusty TV Guide sources, and there's some pretty serious stuff going on with them as Andre and Deimos start throwing threats at one another over some stolen technology. There's a big family conversation that goes down between Gabi and JJ, and more.

She finally woke up

To start this session off, we'll go over a scoop about Chloe. Apparently, she's going to be in better shape before the episode ends, because it's described that she's going to finally emerge from her coma.

The question is: how will she react to being out? Will there be someone there to comfort her when she awakens? We'll have to wait and see as they left out any additional info for her.

It's getting hot in here

Next, we learn that things are going to get real serious between Andre and Deimos, as it's described that they are going to start throwing threats back and forth at each other over some technology that was stolen. How far will these two go with their crazy threats? Will they ever be able to come to some sort of resolution? These are some important questions that will hopefully get answered right away.

Abi and Dario run-in

In this next scoop, we're going to see a situation that involves Abigail, having a run-in with Dario at some point.

They didn't provide any other details about what will happen during this run-in, so we can't elaborate on what will happen during it. Will they chat for a bit? If so, what will they talk about? Those will be some interesting questions for that scenario.

The big family discussion

Next, we've got Gabi and JJ doing some more talking.

Family business is going to be the topic of their conversation as they describe that Gabi is going to reveal everything she knows about the family with JJ. Unfortunately, we don't have any details on the exact intel that she gives up to him, but that will certainly be a big question that we'll want to see get answered.

They're driven apart

Then last, but most certainly not least, we find out that things are going to get much worse between Abigail and Chad as they describe that the distance between them is going to widen, pushing them even further part. I was able to dig up some more intel about this from my Soapcentral sources. Apparently, Chad's going to get real pissed at her about seeing her with Dario at some point. So, that will at least, be one of the reasons for this dismay between the two of them. I think we'll definitely see some interesting and dramatic scenes result from this. Stay tuned.