Happy Saturdays, guys. We've got a brand new set of spoiler scoops for this Monday's upcoming "Bold And The Beautiful" January 9th, 2017 episode. If that's not enough, we've also got a very revealing spoiler/promo clip (below) to go along with them. We actually extracted the spoilers from the clip since we haven't gotten the written, press release synopsis from CBS yet. Anyways, what we've learned is that Liam is going to be quite worried about losing Steffy again, because she's about to move back into the mansion with Eric and that vile, crazy chick, Quinn, and more.

He gets the bad news

Ok, so in this Steffy and Liam storyline, we're going to see a scene where she is having a very serious conversation with him, and ends up, telling him that they, whoever they is, wants her to move back into the mansion with her grandfather, who is Eric. This means that she would be constantly be exposed to that twisted witch, Quinn and her devious plots.

This, of course, makes Liam feel very uneasy and has him starting to feel like he might lose her over to the darkside, once again. We see him, asking her if he will actually ever see her again if she disappears into that house. The clip, of course, doesn't show how she responds to that question. We're sure she comes up with an answer that makes Liam feel at ease, but we all know that he probably shouldn't, especially since Wyatt is still trying to save he and Steffy's marriage at the moment.

A significant question

Speaking of Wyatt, that brings me to the next storyline reveal that they showed us in the clip. He's seen, asking the question, why can't I just work on my marriage, myself? They didn't show the response to that question, but it'll definitely be interesting to see how that scene plays out this Monday afternoon.

More crazy drama to come

Outside of these spoilers, I'm hearing that all of this Quinn and Wyatt madness will continue with situations that feature him, trying to get Liam to admit that Quinn has some positive attributes. Say what? I don't think he's ever going to do that unless they turn this thing into the Twilight Zone. There's also going to be a situation where Liam throws out wild accusations at Quinn that claims she used some very shady bribery tactics to get Steffy and Wyatt back together! Say what? Again. All I can say, is it's going to be a crazy week, guys. Be sure to take a look at that clip (below), and stay tuned.