Hey, "Blue Bloods" fans. The CBS folks were able to deliver up a new set of spoilers for their upcoming episode 14 of season 7, via a new press release. There's about two or three major plotline scoops going on, here, as we've got Baez and Danny looking into a suspect that turns out to be getting it on with his freaking parole officer. Elsewhere, Frank has a run-in with a gang leader that has revealed to have no problems with murdering cops in the past, and more!

The affair and deception

We also got a title for this one. The producers decided to go with: "In & Out," so that's a pretty short and sweet title.

According to the official description, we've got a possible, major scandal as one of the main storylines. Apparently, Danny and Baez are going to launch and investigation after a gang leader comes up murdered! In the process of doing so, they're going to find out that the person accused of performing the shooting, is actually an ex-con who is having romantic relations with his own, freaking parole officer!

Next, we learn that this situation could be even more scandalous as the parole officer lady is probably helping to assist the ex-con in a major cover up job. Say what? Yep, the scandals just keep on coming in this one.

Frank encounters much danger

Continuing on, we've got Frank, starting to feel quite worried that this whole murder situation, could ignite even more violence to take place, so this will prompt him to try and mediate things.

However, we learn that it's going to be way easier said than done as he's going to have to deal with returning, rival gang leader, Mario Hunt, played by rapper, Method Man. This is a very dangerous situation for Frank, because Mario has no problem putting police officers six feet under like he did to a police chief two years ago.

They didn't reveal any further information about how this confrontation will play out, so it's definitely going to be quite suspenseful I would imagine. Will they be able to work this situation out? Or will things totally go off the rails? Those are going to be some very huge questions for this installment.

Next week is a no go

Ok, that's going to be the end for this little spoiler session. We do have some production credits to reveal. Ian Biederman came on to write up the script, while John Behring handled all of the directing tasks. They also revealed that they're skipping next week for some reason, so this episode 14 will not be airing until Friday night, February 3rd, 2017 at 9pm central time, so be sure to make note of that for next week, and stay tuned.