Hey, "Vampire Diaries" fans we're right back at you, once again, with the new spoilers for the upcoming episode 10 of season 8 straight from the CW official press release. We've got some wild stuff going on in this one , too, as poor Damon gets picked on by Sybil, yet again, by totally freezing him from being able to freaking move! We'll also be seeing Bonnie and Caroline, attempting to enter Damon's mind at one point, and more!

He's not going anywhere

They also served up the title with this synopsis, labeling it: "Nostalgia's A Bitch." I'm pretty sure that refers to all the past faces that they see in Damon's mind.

We'll get into that later. Ok, so I'm going to go ahead and just start with this Sybil and Damon problem. It turns out that she's going to put some major revenge out on him by putting him in a catatonic state, so he can't ever lift another finger to do a got damn thing! Wow, what a freaking bummer. They didn't reveal if Damon will ever get out of this awful situation. We just know that he's going to be in it, and it could be for quite while.

Bonnie and Caroline go in

Next, we learn that, at some point, both Bonnie and Caroline will make the huge attempt of trying to enter Damon's mind, and apparently, they will be successful because it's revealed that they're going to see a lot of familiar faces from the past once they tinker their way in there.

Oh, but it gets even better, because they're going to find out that Stefan is actually the key to determining his ultimate fate, ooh! Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate more on what this is all about, but it sure sounds interesting as hell. This situation will definitely serve up some intriguing scenes.

They hardcore race

In this last teaser, we find out that both Sybil and her sister, Seline, will be involved in some very suspenseful action as they race against the clock in an effort to get control of the bell for their own separate agendas.

They didn't reveal who's going to get their claws on it, first, so we don't have that intel. However, it's definitely going to be riveting to see how that all plays out.

Alright, guys. We've reached the end of this little spoiler journey for the 10th episode. We do have some production people we need to recognize for a second.

Brett Matthews penned the script for this one, and Kellie Cyrus offered up her directing skills. Additionally, be sure to look for this episode to definitely hit the airwaves next Friday night, January 27th, 2017 at 7pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.