Hey, "Blue Bloods" peeps. We got a couple of storyline spoiler scoops for you guys for next week's upcoming episode 13 of season 7 from the official CBS press release. This time, they gave us about three or four plotline reveals to work with. One of them sounds extremely serious as Jamie and Eddie's double date action gets interrupted by a robber! A child abuse case has Frank overriding jurisdiction laws to get something done, and more.

A major intervention

They also gave us a title for this one, which is called: "The One That Got Away." Well, lets hope they're not talking about this crazy robber that shows up in this.

Anyways, lets start things out with this Frank situation. It's actually the one that was put in all caps by the CBS team, so look for it to be the main, big storyline. It turns out that Baez and Danny will be dealing with a child abuse case that gets real complicated by diplomatic immunity.

This complication is going to prompt Frank to step up to the plate and try to help out even though this goes way beyond his current jurisdiction. Will Frank still be able to help even though he doesn't have the proper jurisdiction? Or will he get slapped down and told to take a back seat? These will definitely be some questions that I look forward to seeing get answered in this installment.

A nice outing gone very wrong

In this next storyline, we're going to see some double date action going on with Jamie and Eddie. They're going to be out on one with Eddie's sister and her boyfriend, so it sounds like they're just going to be having a good ole time, or at a least semi-good time. Whatever it is, it's definitely going to be better than what will come next for them, because they're going to see a vicious robbery take place!

This will, of course, prompt Jamie and Eddie to have to take action in stopping this situation from progressing to completion. In other words, they're going to try and stop this punk from doing the robbery. Will they be able to successfully pull it off? Will things turn deadly? Are we going to see some good fighting scenes out of it?

These are some interesting questions that I hope get answered in this episode.

Alright, guys. That's all they gave us, so I'm going to wrap things up here. I do have some production credits to acknowledge for this installment. Siobhan Byrne O'Connor was responsible for pinning up the script, and Jane Raab directed it. Also, the press release confirmed that episode 13 is due to air next Friday night, January 20th, 2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.