Selena Gomez (24) is starting a relationship with The Weeknd (26). The singer is more in love than ever with the Canadian artist. Her family and friends are very happy for her because at last she has found a person with whom she can have a stable and mature relationship. All across social media, users have commented that Selena Gomez should forget about Justin Bieber (22) and move on, but the situation is now different, she is really in love with The Weeknd. The Weeknd always liked Selena, he thinks she is pretty, talented, and sexy. Perhaps this just might be the relationship that helps her put Justin Bieber behind her for good.

Knowing The Weeknd

The Weeknd, whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, is a brilliant musician, producer, and composer who is imposing his style in the competitive music industry. Tesfaye is Canadian, his parents are Ethiopian immigrants who came to that country in search of a better future. His last girlfriend was model Bella Hadid, who split on good terms in November last year. Hadid is sad because the musician replaced her quickly with Selena. The model has said that the pop star is with him for publicity.

A love that grows

Selena likes everything about her new boyfriend. She listened to the singer's latest album, "Starboy," and she loved it. There is a song dedicated to her, "Party Monster," which is already a hit.

They admire each other and want to build together a stable relationship. The Canadian artist wants to keep their romance private, because he wants to be famous for his musical work and not for his love life. That is a very difficult goal to achieve because Selena is also famous, and both have millions of fans around the world, despite that, they are trying to build a serious relationship.

This new romance has been very positive for Selena, who stayed away from the media because she suffered from lupus, anxiety, and depression. She was hospitalized in a clinic, since the singer wanted to focus on her mental health. She now wants to return to music to be close to her followers who have supported her during hard times, and she wants The Weeknd to be part of that future.