Hey "Bachelor 2017" nation. We're back, again, with some very interesting and revealing spoiler dish from our trusty source, Reality Steve for the upcoming episode 6. this one gets pretty wild ,too, as Nick eliminates so many women during the dates that there was no rose ceremony needed! Also, one chick gets really pissed to the point that she tells him she slept with his friend, and more!

Kristina did well

In the new episode 6, the crew is taking all the drama and romance to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands where the field of ladies will eventually get cut down from 9 to just 6.

Footage of a 1 on 1 date with Kristina Schulman, is going to start everything off. This date actually went down back on October 18th, 2016. They ended up, going to the Annaberg Ruins on the island of St. John. Steve didn't include any other specific details for this date, but we assume it went well, because Kristina did get the early rose to lock her in for, at least, another week.

Bye, bye Jasmine

Next up, we're going to be seeing some group date footage with: Rachel, Corinne, Raven,Jasmine, Danielle M., and Vanessa. They went to play some volleyball and were split into two separate teams of three. The team consisting of: Rachel, Corinne and Raven, won the game, so they got to spend extra time with Nick.

However, they all got to meet back up for the afterparty part of the date. Some pretty interesting stuff went down at this afterparty as Nick, decided to boot Jasmine out, early. Then she told him she slept with one of his friends in the past, to be spiteful on her way out the door. I guess Nick read her right.

Two more out the door

After all that madness, we'll be seeing another 2 on 1 elimination date. Danielle Lombard and Whitney Fransway will be the ones fighting for their lives on the show. They took a helicopter ride to a private island. Again, there wasn't any extra details about what went on during the date, but we're told that Nick ended up, ditching Whitney all alone on the island after selecting Danielle to stick around.

However, later on, Danielle thought it would be a good idea to tell Nick that she's falling in love with him. Well, it wasn't, because he wasn't feeling the same way, and went ahead and sent her home too!

The breakdown moment

After that, Nick has a moment with the last 6 women left standing, and has a teary moment, thinking that this might not work out for him and what not. Shortly after that, we'll be getting a scene where Corinne tries to comfort him with some sex, but it doesn't happen. Instead, he ends up sending her back to the hotel.

Apparently, there was no rose ceremony eliminations, because Nick had ,pretty much, eliminated too many of them during the dates. He definitely didn't waste time did he?

Anyways, it's mentioned that there next stop, will be the Bimini, Bahamas. Just to recap, Jasmine Goode, Danielle Lombard and Whitney Fransway all bit the dust in this one, so they'll be included in our "Women Tell All" spoilers later on this month. Actually, Jasmine might not come back, considering her very rude exit, but who knows? We'll see. Stay tuned.