Antonio Banderas suffered a frightening medical emergency last week at his England home. The 56-year-old star found himself being rushed off to the hospital suffering severe chest pains on January 26th. Reports reveal that Antonio Banderas was exercising in his Surrey home when he began to feel ill and experience "agonizing" chest pains.

An emergency call was immediately placed, with paramedics arriving on the scene promptly, carting the actor off to nearby St. Peters Hospital in Chertsey. Doctors on hand quickly assessed Banderas' situation, placing him under observation for several hours before deeming him well enough to return home with strict orders to rest and take it easy for the next several days.

Scary medical emergency sends Antonio Banderas to hospital

Antonio Banderas' medical emergency was confirmed by The Sun, where he also publicly thanked the medical emergency team who helped out with what he is now calling his medical "episode." No details have been revealed as to whether the episode was brought on by an underlying health issue or not at this time.

It seems that 2017 has started off just as cruel as 2016 left off, with this month alone taking the lives of 25 Celebrities, including Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt, Jimmy Snuka, Gene Cernan, Miguel Ferrer, Butch Trucks, and Mike Connors (to name a few).

Antonio Banderas' filming to blame for health issues?

Banderas' recent medical incident may have been brought on by his grueling and hazardous film schedule from his most recent movie, "The 33," according to Hollywood Life, writing that the "filming took a toll on the actor's body." The site states that the role was "physically demanding" inside the mines, which were filled with methane and carbon dioxide gasses from machinery used while filming.

Fans can look forward to seeing Antonio a lot on the big screen this year. "Salty" is set for release in August, and is a thriller about "an aging rock star who gets kidnapped while on vacation in Thailand." Other films include "Black Butterfly," "Stoic," and "Security," with release dates to be announced.