Hello everybody. Lets not waste anytime. We got some spoiler goodness from the NBC folks about what is going to go down in this new episode 7 of their hit reality show, "The Celebrity Apprentice 2017." We're going to be seeing super model , Tyra Banks, show up with acting hottie, Jessica Alba, to help do some boardroom advising. Jessica's company will be featured and give a task. We'll also see a task from the Carnival Corporation, and more.

Gorgeous Jessica Alba arrives

Also, we're told that they decided to call this one: "Bon Voyage." That's, no doubt, in reference to Carnival Cruises corporation that will be featured in this.

Anyways, to get this episode started, they are going to give the Celebrities their first assignment. This is where Jessica Alba's "Honest Company" will come into play. They are going to task them with the job of creating in-home demonstrations that will showcase some of the company's products. Jessica will, of course, be an advisor for this one, along with Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger.

Conflict arises when decisions need to be made

Next, we learn that there's going to be some heavy arguing going on as they tell us that personalities will definitely clash when they try to decide which idea to go with for their presentations. They didn't elaborate on what the presentations will actually be, so it'll be interesting see what they eventually come up with.

After the presentations, they made sure to note that the boardroom footage will be intense, once again. Then they revealed that Arnold is going to get rid of another person from the losing team, but that he won't stop there. They didn't elaborate on that, but it sounds like he'll get rid of someone else ,too, leaving us with our final two celebs!

In fact, I know he does, because they say that the 2nd task will be for the finalists.

Final task chaos with Carnival

On that note, the finalists are going to get a task from the Carnival Corporation. They are going to have to do a whole bunch of stuff for this one ,too, as it's the very last task of the season. Here's what's going to get thrown at them.

They'll have to put together an ad campaign, host a party, and create a variety show. They'll, of course, need a team for this, so some of the past contestants from this season, will get brought back to help them complete it. They're also bringing on Curtis Stone for a special appearance. He will help the teams showcase the food on the cruise. Again, we'll also see a lot of drama, going down between the celebs as everything will be on the line in this final assignment.

Alright guys. That's going to wrap it up for our spoiler session for this installment. NBC should be serving up a new promo/spoiler clip after episode 6 airs, tonight, so you might want to keep your eyes peeled for that. It should give some extra, visual details about what will be taking place in episode 7. The press release also confirms that you can expect to see it air on Monday night, February 6th, 2017 at 7pm central time. Stay tuned.