The previous episode of ‘Ishqbaaz’ TV show aired on Star Plus in India ended with Tej Singh Oberoi defending the presence of the other woman in his life Svetlana at the Oberoi Mansion.

Monday, January 9, 2017, episode

The show starts with Svetlana and Tia planning to put a poisonous chemical in the coffee of Anika (Surbhi Chandna) as she is coming in their way of destroying the Oberoi's.

Rudra is anxious as he had a big argument with his dad Tej after his marriage was arranged with a girl whom he has not even seen. Business interests are of great importance to Tej as he wants to go past Shivaay.

In the next scene, Anika is seen learning English from Soumya as she doesn't understand Shivaay when he talks English. Then she calls Shivaay and tells him she knows the meaning of 'blush' and she wants her prize; he tells her that he will now prepare Expresso coffee for her.

Svetlana and Tia decide to mix acid in Annika's coffee

Anika becomes happy and moves towards the kitchen to have the black coffee. The cunning Svetlana and Tia overhear the conversation and decide to poison Annika's coffee. This time they are confident that their plan will work.

The both go towards the kitchen and fool Om twice on the way as he sees something fishy. Tia thwarts him twice. Tia pours the acid in the coffee kettle, and they both slip away from the kitchen as they see Shivaay entering the kitchen.

Shivaay pours the coffee in his cup, and when he was about to drink, Anika comes in and engages him in a discussion. Shivaay then tells her to drink the coffee first, during this time some of the coffee spills on the book lying on the table and it burns.

Anika and Shivaay are shocked to see this; Then Anika pours the entire coffee on a flower pot, and the flowers burn to flame within seconds.

Oberoi brothers owe to hunt down the killer

Anika tells Shivaay that his life is in danger. The three brothers Shivaya, Om and Rudra are now convinced that someone who is staying in their own house is conspiring to kill Shivaay. They decide to hunt down the person.

The next scene shows the servant trying to go into Svetlana's room to give her medicine.

Anika sees it and takes the medicine from him and goes into the room of Swetlana where even Tia is present. She finds something fishy in the room while keeping the medicine.

But while going out of the room she sees Svetlana's burnt shoes on which the acid had fallen. she comes to the conclusion that Svetlana is trying to kill Shivaay.

Anika comes to know that Svetlana is the one who is trying to kill Shivaay.

The show ends.