The yesterday's (December 20, 2016) episode of Star Plus' most popular show "Ishqbaaz" ended with Shivaye (Nakuul Mehta) racing towards the place where Daksha has kidnapped and trying to kill Annika (surbhi chandna), his wife.

December 21st, Wednesday's episode updates

The show starts with Shivaay entering the old Mill where Daksha is torturing Anikka; he sees her in the water casket where water is filling it. Anika is struggling even to breathe.

He goes near the casket and tries to break it with his legs and arms, but fails as it is too hard. He sees Daksha sitting on the chair enjoying the scene.

Daksha welcomes Shivaay to the action scene and says he is enjoying seeing Anika struggle and he wants to see her dead. Shivaay tells him to stop the water as it is going above the head of Anika. Daksha says now nothing he can do as the water has already filled.

Shivaay kicks and punches Daksha hard

The angry Shivaay then thunders and says how dare he touches his wife and runs towards Daksha and kicks him hard followed with a few punches leaving him bleeding on the face.

He then finds an iron rod and hits the water casket hard, then it breaks, and Anika falls out of it. Daksha then says she is dead already. Shivaay hits him again until he falls on the ground.

He then brings Anika to the Oberoi Mansion.

The scene shifts to Anika's room where Shivaye tries to give her medicines, and she refuses and tells him that she doesn't require his help.

Anika refuses to talk to Shivaay

She again reminds him that he called her a call-girl and also she slept with Daksha and took Rs15 lakhs from him. She tells him that he believed whatever Daksha his friend said because he is from a wealthy family and didn't trust her as she is from a middle-class family.

Shivaay has no words to say. She finally departs from the room after telling him that she doesn't want to be associated with him and doesn't want to talk to him to him either.

Shivaay's mother abuses Anika

As she comes into the main hall of the Oberoi Mansion, Pinky, Shivaay's mother starts telling her all sorts of words that Daksha had told her about Anikka.

She shouts her and tells her that she should be ashamed of herself. She asks the shocked Anika to get out of the house. As all the members of the family listen to her in disbelief, Anika starts walking out of the house.

Shivaye again comes to the rescue of Anika here. He brings her back and in front of all the family members tells what Daksha did to her. He tells them that Daksha was obsessed with Anika and he was stalking her 24/7. He even tried to kill her. He convinces his mother that he trusts Anika and she will stay in the Oberoi Mansion. Shivaay departs after telling Daksha is now in jail and the chapter is over.

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