Nick Viall as this year’s bachelor is quickly making some connections and forming relationships. One of the gals in question is Ms. Corrine Olympios who has already bared all, speaks her mind, and takes every moment to seek Viall’s attention. She has proven to be this year’s drama queen in the house, causing friction and turmoil among the women. The other contestants vying for Nick’s heart question her true intentions when it comes to "The Bachelor."

Is Corrine Olympios flashing a ring on her finger?

A recent Instagram photo emerged that shows the 24-year old Miami native Corrine Olympios wearing a shiny diamond ring on her left-hand ring finger.

The incident raises questions among the many Bachelor fans as to whether the woman is engaged and to whom. Is she withholding a secret while competing for the heart of Bachelor Nick Viall? Corrine subsequently posted on Instagram that she was not wearing a diamond ring, although it is clearly seen on her ring finger.

Corrine’s antics on the show thus far shows her always taking charge of situations, interrupting other girls interacting with Viall, and then sleeping through rose ceremonies. Despite her demeanor, Viall seems to give into her whims and sensual behaviors. Predictions have revealed that Ms. Olympios will make it to the fantasy suite with Nick.

Is it 'The Bachelor' or the Corinne show?

Some question whether Nick is the star or is Corrinne just getting the most out of her minutes of Bachelor fame? She was the first to kiss Viall, the 36-year old Bachelor, and she won a wedding photo challenge by removing her top to expose her breasts to the star in the pool. Corinne seems to do all she can to ensure cameras are always focused on her pursuing The Bachelor.

She was quoted as saying "I always go after what I want, and what I want is Nick” in the debut episode of the season.

Olympios is a Greek-American Model that works for her family’s business in Florida. Corinne told other gals in the house that she has a nanny named Raquel who does everything for her back home. She continued to say that the nanny keeps her life together, fixes her bed each morning, makes her vegetable and cucumber slices for lunches, and cheese pasta. She says that the nanny is like a member of the family. It didn’t take long for the other contestants to paint Corinne as the season's villain.