People vary widely in how animals are meant to be treated, many regarding them as objects to abuse while others love and cherish them as family members. The heartwarming movie, "A Dog’s Purpose" speaks from the pet’s point of view showcasing the unique connection between them and their humans. Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures vow that they have implemented rigorous measures for safe, humane handling of the animals on the set but a recent video has surfaced which questions whether the Dogs are enduring undue stress as highlighted in the video.

Are producers of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ movie allowing mistreatment of the animals?

Dog lovers everywhere were anxious for the premiere of the film "A Dog’s Purpose" which is scheduled to show on January 27th. However, social media posted stories of the production and a video that came to light showing a dog’s fear of water. The German Shepherd, one of five other dogs used in the scene, is visibly terrified of a pool of rushing water. The dog was forced into the water and is seen clawing at the edge of the pool while crew members continue to push the animal in. Apparently, there are nets for the protection of the dog and handlers nearby for its safety, but the question remains, why does the dog have to endure such terror for the entertainment of the viewers.

Opinions vary as to whether the treatment in the video is humane or abusive.

Investigation continues regarding treatment of dogs in ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ movie

The Amblin Partners and Universal Pictures said in a statement that all protocol was followed in the film to ensure they foster a safe environment for the dogs. They provided ethical treatment of the animal actors and said they are looking into the circumstances involving the video in question.

PETA has also gotten involved in the investigation, stating that any animals like these dogs should be treated humanely and not as a prop for a movie. The film is based on a book, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ that sold more than 2.5 million copies. It is told from the perspective of the dog, voiced by Josh Gad. The animal emphasizes the meaning of his own existence involving the love, laughter, and relationship between him and his humans.