Alright, so we recently got some new,official synopsis spoilers for the upcoming "Grimm" episode 5 of season 6 episode straight from the wonderful NBC folks, and they were quite generous, revealing 4 or 5 storyline scoops that will be taking place. We're going to see Nick, Hank and Wu try to find out what's up with a recent murder that's quite bizarre. A very weak Eve is going to get located by Adalind at some point. Renard confronts a ghost from his past, and more!

It's time after 7 years

They also delivered the title for this one. They're calling it: "The Seven Year Itch," which quite appropriate, given that this new vicious Wesen has been lying dormant for seven years.

That, of course, leads me right into the official description for this episode. I turns out that this very deadly Wesen beast is going to emerge after being asleep for seven, long freaking years. They say he's going to be unearthed, so I guess it was trapped or something. Whatever the case, here he comes and people need to look out. NBC went through the effort of highlighting this storyline in all-caps, so look for it to get most of the focus.

What will they find?

Next, we learn that Wu, Hank and Nick are going to set out to take a deeper look into a very strange murder that has taken place in a local park area. They didn't go into great detail about what will happen with this situation, so it'll be interesting to see what they will discover.

I think this might set up the whole Wesen scenario.

Renard's in trouble

Elsewhere, we're going to see Captain Renard, get caught up in a situation where he's going to have to confront a, what they're calling, ghost from his past. They didn't elaborate on that, so, it's certainly going to be intriguing to find out who this freaking ghost is and what kind of issues it will present to Renard.

A doctor visit

For this next reveal, we've got Monroe and Rosalee in action. Apparently, they're going to pay the doctor a visit to see if they can find out if the premonition that Diana recently had is ,indeed, true. Then to wrap up this spoiler session, we've got Adalind and Eve in a scene. It turns out that we're going to see Eve in a very weak state in the tunnels at the loft.

The tunnels will also have mysterious drawings written on the walls. And then at some point, Adalind is going to show up to find Eve. They didn't reveal anything further information beyond that point, so we'll have to see how that interesting scene will play out.

Ok, guys. That is going to conclude our spoiler dish for this episode, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new promo clip that should release after episode 4 airs tonight. Also, we can confirm that episode 5 is due to air next Friday night, February 3rd,2017 at 7pm central time on NBC. Stay tuned.