Sasha Roiz is doubling down on Grimm!" One Renard means chaos, but two? Well, two might be more trouble than the Scooby Gang can handle.

Season 6 is just around the corner, and as fans gear up for the final season, David Giuntoli’s (Nick) directorial debut will up the ante with a little body swapping mayhem.

'Grimm' episode 3 plot revealed

It’s hard to direct while playing the series lead, but the Giuntoli had a saving grace when he set out to film episode 3. When the actor stepped behind the camera in early August, it was with the assurance that Nick’s physical presence in the hour would be strikingly limited.

Instead, “Oh Captain, My Captain” will place the onus on Roiz.

“That is an episode that will not feature him very much. It will feature me a lot,” Roiz teased at San Diego Comic-Con. “I’ll give you guys a little tidbit – there may be more than one Renard.”

We’ve pondered the actor’s statement to no avail for the last few months, but, thankfully, we now have the full story. Nick, in his divine wisdom, will stumble across a potion that morphs him into the Captain’s unwilling doppelganger.

Episode 3 finds Nick Burkhardt “sniffing a magic potion that morphs him into a clone of his boss—the evil Capt. Sean Renard,” TV Insider teased. “Then the two Seans duke it out in a killer fight.”

The fisticuffs will certainly mark the first time Renard exercises a right hook on himself, but it won’t be the first season 6 battle between the Grimm and the Wesen.

Renard embraces his inner villain

Season 6 will pick up mere milliseconds after the events of “The Beginning of the End.” Renard and Nick ended the finale primed for a bare-knuckle brawl, and the Mayor’s villainous turn will ensure tensions remain high. After several years in the light, the half-wesen is prepared to embrace his inner darkness as he seeks to exploit the full puissance of Black Claw.

“I was soliciting our producers for a couple of years [to] take him back; take him back into the shadows,” Roiz said. “I don’t want it to be predictable, so this was a great turn. It’s only going to get far darker and sinister.”

Find out what’s next for Nick, Renard, and the Scooby Gang when “Grimm” returns to NBC on Jan. 6.