Hey, "Grimm" fans. Finally, the new season, kicked off, and that means it's spoiler time again. Recently, NBC served up the official scoops for the upcoming episode 2 of this current season 6. We've got quite a bit of storyline scoops to go over ,too, as the network was very generous with their latest press release. It turns out that Nick is going to possibly get himself into some life-threatening trouble! Some chick, named Diana, shows up to throw Monroe and Rosalee way off track, and more.

Life threatening trouble looms

We've got an interesting title for this one.

It's called: "Trust Me Knot." To start things off, we've got a particular plotline that's been put in all caps by the network. It's the one where they tell us that Nick is going to make some sort of pact that could very well, turn out be extremely deadly! So, look for that to be one of the main storylines for this installment.

Renard gets put in check

Next, we learn that Wu and Hank will be working together, and will come up with a solution that will be able to halt Renard dead in his tracks. Meanwhile, Nick is still going to be heavy on the run. What will this big solution be? Man, if we only knew. Unfortunately, they didn't fill us in on that important piece of intel, so we're just going to have to tune in for that.

She's thrown back into action

This next reveal, lets us know that a very interesting phone call is going to get made, and that Adalind will be the recipient of it. Who or whatever is on the other end of that line, is going to get Adalind right into the mix of everything!

What the heck is she gonna do?

Then we've got a scene with Rosalee and Monroe.

Apparently, they'll be quite busy, attempting to do some important babysitting tasks. However, it's described that their evening is going to take, what they're calling, a very interesting turn after guest character: Diana, shows up on the scene. They say, she's going to show what kind of power she has, so that sounds like a must-see scene.

They've definitely got me all curious about what kind of power she's bringing to the dance.

They work together for the cloth

And for the piece de resistance, we've got a heavy focus that's going to be put on the mystery of the cloth that was discovered with the healing stick, and we'll see Eve and Trubel, teaming up to try and figure out what this whole thing is about. Will they find the answers they need, or will they come up short? That's going to be the big questions with this scenario.

Additionally, the press release confirmed that next Friday night, January 13th, 2017, is when this episode will air, and it will air in the same 7pm central time slot. Stay tuned.