Hey, "Hawaii Five-0" peeps. Unfortunately, it's that time again. It turns out that CBS is just going to deliver a rerun, tonight, instead of the new episode 15 of season 7. It's currently unknown exactly why this is happening, since there could easily be more than one reason. Here's what we can tell you. The new episode 15 will be airing next Friday night, February 3rd,2017 at 8pm central time, so be sure to memorize that important date.

They're showing some stuff from last season

So, what is CBS replacing your favorite show with, tonight? Well, they're not replacing the show per say.

Instead, they're just going to re-air the 14th episode of season 6, which is labeled: "Hoa 'Inea." It means "Misery Loves Company" in English. It's the one where a double homicide, involving marital infidelity was looked into. The team also talked about their awful, past Valentine's Day experiences. If you don't want to re-watch that one, you're definitely going to want to change your plans, tonight. However, if you do want to see it, feel free to tune in.

Nazi war criminal drama is up next in episode 15

Alright, now it's time for some brighter news. CBS has released the new, official synopsis spoilers for episode 15. We also got a title from them. They've labeled it: "Ka pa'ani nui," which means "Big Game" in English.

According to the official description, we're going to see the Five-0 crew, take on a new homicide case that involves shark finning, which just happens to be very illegal. While working the case, they're going to find out that it just might be possible that a former Nazi war criminal is out and about in this area, and is using an old leprosy colony in Hawaii as his hide out location.

They didn't give any other details how about just how dangerous this criminal is, but it sounds like this one could deliver quite a bit of drama and intrigue. They've also provided some production credits for this episode. Bryan Spicer took over the directing duties for it, while Helen Shang took on the task of writing out the script.

Unfortunately, we haven't gotten a new spoiler/promo clip for this one from CBS yet, so we're still looking for it to arrive. I'm sure it will give us some more intel to work with. Be sure to look out for it to release at some point this week, because they'll need to get it out there before it airs next week. Anyways, stay tuned.