freeform's new venture to release all ten episodes of "Beyond" during its premiere was a bold move, one that apparently worked. "Beyond" has been renewed for a second season. Meanwhile, Freeform has announced premiere dates for fan favorite sitcoms "Young & Hungry" and "Baby Daddy," along with another surprising move. The usual Wednesday sitcoms will be moved to Mondays. It's possible this decision is to keep from competing with sister network ABC sitcoms.

Freeform sitcoms return in March

"Young & Hungry" will return for season 5, picking up with the complicated relationship of Gabi (Emily Osment) and Josh (Jonathan Sadowski).

Gabi and Josh struggle to keep feelings out of their new relationship status, but this has proved difficult for them in the past. While this off and on couple works through their emotions, Sofia (Aimee Carrero) continues with her job working for returning fan favorite, Logan (Ashley Tisdale).

The sitcom's spin-off, featuring Ashley Tisdale's character, and Gabi's roommate Sofia won't be moving forward at Freeform. In better news, legend Betty White will have a recurring role as Gabi's neighbor Ms. Wilson.

Season 6 of "Baby Daddy" will pick up with a three month time jump. Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) continues his search for his perfect woman Elle who he met briefly in last season's finale, while Riley (Chelsea Kane) and Danny (Derek Theler) keep Bonnie (Melissa Peterman) away as they search for a new doctor to help Riley with her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Tucker (Tahj Mowry) returns from Los Angeles with a secret.

The new season also brings a milestone for "Baby Daddy" as the sitcom reaches a hundred episodes. There has been no word yet as far as what will be in the special episode, but executive producer Dan Berendsen shared that Elle will be returning this season.

However, the exact episode hasn't been shared.

'Beyond' shines online for Freeform

In a twist to their traditional format, the new Freeform series premiered on January 2nd following "Shadowhunters," and the first season was released in full online. "Beyond" is the story of Holden Matthews as he struggles with a new world after a 12 year coma, learning about Apple and the lack of Blockbusters, but also personal revelations: his parents are separated, his little brother is in college, and his best friend is married.

Actor Burley Duffield thanked fans for their support, and shared that he puts his full faith in the writers, and creator Adam Nussdorf for an exciting second season.

Will you be checking out Freeform's new series "Beyond"?