“General Hospital” spoilers say Julian has underestimated his older sister Olivia and has no idea what she’s scheming. Olivia wants to destroy Julian’s life in the same way that he destroyed hers. Julian shot Olivia and denied her the happy ending she insanely thought she would share with Duke.

Revenge for Duke’s death and a life ruined

In the 90s, Julian planned to kill Duke and shot Olivia to protect his homicidal plan. If you weren’t watching back then, here’s a quick Olivia summary of her historical angst to catch you up. Olivia feels like Julian stole her life away and she’s not wrong – but she is crazy.

Olivia said to Julian on Thursday, January 19, “I was cheated out of love, having my family, everything that you got for yourself.” Then when Julian left, she revealed her creepy shrine to Duke and said she “hates Julian” and added, “Eventually I will make him pay for what he did to us.”

What does Olivia have planned?

On January 18, actress Tonja Walker replied on Twitter when asked about Olivia meeting Alexis and Sam saying, “That happens pretty soon.” Another spoiler for February 3 says Alexis’ AA sponsor has ulterior motives. Do Tonja’s tweet and the “General Hospital” spoiler tie together?

Olivia has been using Rudge to keep a close eye on Julian and Alexis and so she knows about her booze issue.

A henchman may be tailing Alexis so they know all her dirty secrets. Is Alexis the key to ruining Julian’s life? Definitely. Olivia may have ordered Julian to take a knife to Alexis.

Will Olivia creep into Alexis’ life?

The spoiler about Alexis’ AA sponsor is ominous. Will Olivia J turn up at the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and cozy up to Julian’s wife?

Will Olivia gain her trust and encourage Alexis to confess her sins? Olivia already knows enough to put Alexis in jail for years.

Rudge told Julian they have security footage of Alexis’ DUI hit and run. Olivia may get Alexis to admit she killed Tom the rapist (even though it’s probably Seth that killed him). Julian would be horrified to discover Olivia made friends with Alexis behind his back.

Let’s hope this happens!

Also coming soon, “GH” spoilers say Elizabeth will find Franco and rush him to the hospital to save his life. There are also soap spoilers about Olivia meeting Duke’s son Griffin with surprising results and Charlotte loudly rejecting Lulu after the mom truth comes out.

“General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.