The name on everyone's lips after the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards is Viola Davis. The "Fences" star made history, winning five SAG Awards. Davis is the first black woman to claim so many after being the first to win an Oscar for "Best Actress" on television last year. Davis won more than just an armful of statues. Her #OscarsSoWhite acceptance speech earned big respect on this touchy subject. Davis was named best dressed, too, in a gorgeous white gown which showed off weight loss and an amazing figure.

Viola Davis makes history

Last year the "How to Get Away With Murder" star became the first black woman to win an Oscar for "Best Actress" in a television series.

This made folks of all colors wonder why it took the Academy Awards so long to recognize a woman of a color other than white. The Oscars have traditionally snubbed women, and black women even more so. The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite reflected this exclusion. So this year, when the "Fences" star claimed five SAG Awards -- a record regardless of color or gender -- the pendulum seemed to swing less exclusive.

Viola Davis talked and people listened

Naturally, after this momentous shift at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards, eyes turned toward the upcoming Academy Awards. Would the Oscars be "so white" this year? Davis deconstructed this issue in her acceptance speech and her graceful handling of it left folks speechless.

First of all, Viola's talk wasn't your average one. Many observed that "The Help" star's was more of a dissertation. Instead of the rambling, ho-hum "thanks to the little people, you know who you are," it actually had a point. She embraced everyone in the love, saying America is "Blackish" and "Stranger Things" and "Jane the Virgin." She championed both sexes and all sexual orientation.

Viola Davis aims for inclusion over diversity

Davis stated that the reason the 2017 awards season is more colorful and LGBT aware is due to talent, or at least more recognition of it. She also focused on the notion of cultural and racial inclusiveness (vs. exclusiveness) rather than diversity. She shouted out "Fences" author August Wilson and his portrayal of 1950s black America.

She mentioned former co-star Octavia Spencer and her amazing role in "Hidden Figures."

Viola Davis gets away with murder

But it wasn't just her acceptance speech that dropped jaws. The celebrity sported weight loss and to-die-for curves in a killer dress. She really embodied her body love message. Like Miss Universe contestant Siera Bearchell says, it's about acceptance of self, and Davis glows with it. Her dress on a red carpet that has seen some big fails, was proclaimed the winner. Many commented on how old her co-star Denzel Washington looked. They said that at 51, Davis looked barely 40.