Welcome to Wednesday ladies and gentlemen of the "Days Of Our Lives" fan faculty. I'm about to introduce to you, four amazing storyline spoiler scoops for tomorrow's upcoming January 5th, 2017 episode. Oh, and these sound extremely juicy, because we've got Kate, contemplating a possible betrayal of Eduardo at some point! Then there's Claire and Valerie. Apparently, they're going to turn themselves into spies for a brief moment. Oh, and poor Nicole. It sounds like she might need therapy according to the way my sources are describing her in this one.

Nancy runs off

Speaking of Nicole, lets go ahead and start off this January 5th teaser with the drama that she'll be facing. It turns out that scheming Nancy chick is just going to go too far this time, and run off with the baby, totally breaking Nicole's heart into a million, no a trillion pieces. Poor thing. Will she ever be able to recover from such a devastating blow like that? She might need to seek some therapy after this. In the meantime, they need to track down Nancy and throw her jail or something.

Kate just might do it

Anyways, next we've got a possible huge scandal in the works with Kate, because she's described as being in the midst of trying to figure out if it would be a good idea to betray Eduardo or not.

Is she going to go ahead and go through with this scandalous activity? That's all we got on that, so we'll have to see how it plays out. They say, it's going to be a struggle for her, though, so it sounds like she does have some sort of a conscience in all of this.

A shady conversation

Next, the scandalous stuff just continues to rear its ugly head as Valerie becomes the victim of a spy plot, concocted by none other than Clair and Theo.

During this scheming moment, they are going to eavesdrop on a conversation that's just oozing with suspicious content. My soapcentral sources provided some further intel about this. They say that after hearing this conversation, Claire and Theo are going to be convinced that there is some shady stuff going on, and that their concerns have serious merit!

Uh oh. They also reveal that the talk will be very cryptic, so that's interesting.

The big baby momma info reveal

Alright, and then to wrap things up for ,today, in a pretty bow and paper. We've got another very intriguing situation on our hands, because at some point, Brady is going to be spotted, getting the results back for the revelation of who the baby momma really is! That's definitely going to be one heck of scene. Stay tuned.