As Janet Jackson and husband Wissam al-Mana welcome "miracle" baby Eissa al-Mana, rumors surfaced that this isn't the 50-year-old singer's first child. Supposedly, Jackson had a daughter "Renee" with ex-husband James DeBarge, he claims. There's already much speculation about the "Rhythm Nation" singer having a baby so late in life. Doctors suggest an invitro or donor egg, but as al-Mana and his wife are Muslim, that begs the question of whether Islam forbids such conception. One thing is certain: Jackson won't find weight loss postpartum at 50 as easy as she did a few years ago.

James DeBarge co-parent with Janet Jackson?

James DeBarge and the "Together Again" singer were married in 1984 and that union ended in annulment a year later. Jackson was just 18. In 2000, DeBarge hinted that they had co-parented a child but that he wouldn't say more, and that the story would have to come from his ex-wife. A few months ago, another daughter, Kristina, confronted her dad about his comments. DeBarge was again cagey, saying only that he knew for a fact that she was at least pregnant. Kristina was shocked to find she might have a half-sister. Sources say the baby, who would be around 32, is named Renee and lives with Rebbie Jackson, oldest sister of Janet and Michael Jackson. Rebbie is married to Nathaniel Brown.

She has three children, Stacee Brown, Austin Brown, and Yashi Brown (none of whom are the right age or gender to be the Jackson-DeBarge child).

Janet Jackson does surprise pregnancy reveal

The sister of the "Jackson 5" shocked the world with her pregnancy reveal at 50. Regardless of whether she has another child or not, having a baby at that age is almost unheard of, let alone safe.

But little Eissa al-Mana seems well. Jackson's weight gain was reportedly much more than it should have been. Maternal obesity was so high it was rumored that she was carrying twins or that she had gestational diabetes (or some kind of health problem). Obesity is going to create other problems after birth, too.

Janet Jackson post-baby weight loss

Jackson worked very hard to lose a great deal of weight with Nutrisystem. The singer has battled yo-yo weight for years, and she says that this plan works because it helps with maintenance diet. However, after pregnancy, even younger women struggle to get their pre-baby body back. It's compounded by obesity either before pregnancy or high weight gain during gestation. Maternal obesity has been linked to childhood obesity. There are links to juvenile diabetes, asthma, and other health conditions. After 40-50, weight loss is much more challenging than at a younger age, too.