"Days of Our Lives" has a dramatic story line going with Abigail and Chad. Her return from the dead has left Chad with mixed emotions. Though he loves her, he can't forgive her. Since that trust is broken, will the two be able to rebuild their relationship? Or are his feelings for Gabi too much to forget?

Spoilers follow. Don't continue to read if you don't want to know. There are some big changes coming and Blasting News is reporting them all!

As Abigail tries to get closer to Chad, it never quite works. He will let her in a little, then push her away.

Every time it seems they are making progress, it ends up going backwards. Abigail tries to remain hopeful but how much rejection can a girl take? While Abigail was debating whether or not to let Chad know she was alive, she had an accidental meeting with Dario on the docks. At the time she blackmailed him to keep her secret and not tell anyone that he saw her. She overhead some shady stuff and knew she had leverage to keep his silence. Well, apparently that was just the beginning.

A new love interest for Abigail?

Dario has had no luck with the ladies of Salem. No real relationships and no real chemistry with anyone. Until now. Dario and Abigail develop a relationship that grows closer and stronger.

Chad realizes she is turning to Dario for support and is upset about it. Instead of working it out with his wife, Gabi gets a text.

Avoiding deportation, or are they in love?

An audition tape for an Immigration agent was leaked. Officer Gilman is investigating Dario's residency after some of his shady business and interviews both Dario and Abigail.

They both profess their love for each other and their intention to get married. Abigail tells Officer Gilman she is married, but her husband is in love with someone else, leading her to Dario for her own affair. She plans to divorce her husband and marry Dario, the love of her life.

As in true "Days Of Our Lives" form, it should get a lot messier than that. There will be twists and turns, but in the end, fans are counting on seeing Abigail and Chad reunite to raise their son Thomas.