Lady Gaga is willing to go to any and all extremes to make sure this year's #Super Bowl LI Halftime Show is very memorable, even if that extreme means placing her life in danger!

Fans await Lady Gaga Super Bowl 51 performance!

Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show anticipation is amping up and is expected to break records according to reports, not only will millions be tuning in on Sunday, February 5th 2017 for the big game between the Patriots and the Falcons, but also to see Lady Gaga give the performance of a lifetime, one that could prove to be extremely dangerous.

Lady Gaga's childhood dream to perform at the Super Bowl comes true!

The "Poker Face" hitmaker's performance is going to be insane, according to reports that revealed that Gaga will be performing her 12-minute show from a height of 260 feet from atop the roof at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, a feat that poses a huge safety risk. So what can we expect besides a killer Football match? Fans can expect to be mesmerized by Lady Gaga's talent, of course, as she performs an array of hits, and secondly, expect to be left on the edge of your seat by the sheer danger involved by the detailed performance.

Performing live at the Super Bowl 51 has been a lifelong dream of Lady Gaga's since she was just a young girl, she told Oregon Live.

The show will include a 12-minute time slot with Gaga given the freedom to do as she pleases, but its Gaga's plans that have the event's insurance provider shaking in their boots. Do not expect to see any surprise guest performers taking the stage. According to CBS Sports, Lady Gaga and her dancers are the only ones hitting the stage at this year's halftime festivities.

Gaga tells CBS: "The thing is, it's such a big world stage in terms of how many people see it and its been done so many times. I think the challenge is to look at it and say, 'What can I do differently, how can I elevate certain little things here and there and also make it about the music?"

Danger for Gaga

It looks as if Lady Gaga has some big plans to do just that!

At this point, Gaga's safety is the number one priority! The roof of the NRG Stadium, which will serve as Gaga's stage, is made of transparent fabric and not designed for the easy access the singer is planning. Considering the danger level Lady Gaga will be undertaking, it has been suggested that Gaga pre-tape the stunt and use the video as a commercial leading up to the live performance.

However, at this time, Lady Gaga is wanting to do things her way, and this means live all the way regardless of the dangers involved. As of now "multiple plans" are being written as to how to get the singer safely on the roof, one plan includes cutting a hole in the stadium roof.

So just how will Lady Gaga pull off her Super Bowl LI stunt?

It has been suggested that the singer's entrance will be a combination of heavy wire and a "flying dress." This will not be the singer's first run with a flying dress. In 2013, during her art wave, she first made use of the dramatic apparel. It is now 2017, so it's a safe bet that the flying dress has been modified with all the latest gadgets and gizmos that a trend-setting Mother Monster could need to pull off one high-powered, death-defying, Super Bowl LI-sized performance.

The big question remains: will Lady Gaga's people allow her to do things completely her way? At this time it remains a mystery. One thing is certain, however: Lady Gaga's Super Bowl LI Halftime Show is going to be one for the history books!