Dakota Johnson (27) wants to explore her bisexuality since she is currently single. The young actress gave an interview to Vogue magazine where she talked about sex, love, and her artistic career. The "Fifty Shades Darker" movie premieres on February 10 and fans are eagerly waiting to see it and want to know everything about Dakota. The "Fifty Shades" franchise changed her life forever -- she became a world famous artist and had to get used to her love life generating interest in the media.


The young actress is currently single. She separated from the British musician Matthew Hitt (29) in July of last year.

Dakota says break-ups affect her deeply because her feelings are true. It is rumored that the actress had an affair with her co-star Jamie Dornan (34), who is married and has two children. They always denied everything. Dakota now wants to explore her bisexuality to get to know herself better. It was also said that the artist had a brief affair with supermodel Cara Delevigne (24). They met thanks to Taylor Swift (27). So far, they never confirmed the relationship.


Dakota has an open mind about sex. Sadomasochism is very present in the "Fifty Shades" saga, and, the actress respects people who practice it, but she does not choose it for her personal life. Jamie Dornan, however, learned more about it and the lifestyle while doing research for his role as Christian Grey -- although he also does not practice it in his private life.

Both agree to use humor to face the most difficult scenes while filming. The pair definitely had to work together in order to bring the chemistry that many viewers have enjoyed watching on-screen.

Dakota is one of many Celebrities who dare to explore their bisexuality and are encouraged to do so publicly. With so many current, female celebrities open about their sexuality, this has certainly helped to remove the stigma that has long been attached to it, with celebrities like Miley Cyrus (24), Lauren Jauregui (20), Kristen Stwart (26), and Sara Ramirez (41) all doing their part to remove said stigma and further discussion.