A “General Hospital” recap of Monday, January 9th plus scroll to the bottom for “GH” spoilers for Tuesday, January 10th. Lots happened in this episode that was originally scheduled for January 6th, but was pre-empted.

Laura and Elizabeth talk dark love

Laura tells Elizabeth that Kevin twisted his ankle playing with her boys, and that the kids wouldn’t stop talking about Franco. Elizabeth tells her about Tom’s death and Franco torturing him. Elizabeth is torn about him but thinks he did wrong. Laura tells her only she can decide if Franco is worthy of her and advises her to follow her heart when it comes to Franco, so she decides to go see him.

Elizabeth is concerned she can’t deny the attraction. This leads her into Kiki and Dillon’s path and blocks Killon happy time.

Dillon and Kiki get naked

Dillon and Kiki are back from the bus trip and Kiki says she wants to volunteer for the mentally ill to honor Morgan. They take showers, order takeout, then sloppily make out with food still in their mouth. Just as they’re about to finally get carnal, Elizabeth knocks on the door. She interrupts the good times. Dillon then says they should wait for sex even though he suggested a mutual shower earlier. Elizabeth asks Kiki not to tell Franco she came by, as it will ruin the surprise. Franco and Scott talk about the Tom murder case (see who really killed him).

Murder and malfeasance

The worry pertains to prints on the knife. They find pics of Alexis with Tom on the social media page of the bar. The lab results come back – no prints on the knife, it was wiped clean. Funny one – Scotty thought Franco and Elizabeth were playing sicko sex games with a dog cage. Franco wants to know why Scotty didn’t friend him on Facebook.

Buzz tells Jason and Father Curtis he heard the lady boss tell Rudge to “kill the homeless loser," that there's a catacomb entrance to the pawn shop, and a secret basement office. They give Buzz money to skip town.

Jason ready for revenge

Jason is furious and tells Sam what they learned, and says he’s going to take care of this threat to protect his family.

Sam is worried but Jason and Curtis insist on going, and say they’ll be careful. Jason kisses Sam and they head to the pawn shop via the secret entrance.

Rudge tells the boss he can’t find the homeless guy. She pours boiling tea on him as punishment. He says he’ll sort it out and says Julian texted him about JaSam. She’s furious and slaps the table -- no spoken dialog since it’s a stand-in for Tonja Walker who has not started yet.

Alexis flashes back to murder

Alexis flips out on Julian for hiding her liquor, and he says he’s trying to stop her from killing herself or others. Alexis has flashbacks of Tom about to rape her at knife point and her getting the knife and holding it on him. She’s certain she killed the rapist.

Julian tells her if she doesn’t clean up, Sam won’t let her “see Danny or her daughter." How does he know Sam’s having a daughter? Did he bribe someone for a copy of her medical records? Alexis breaks down crying because she thinks she’s killed again. First Kiefer, now this.

Next time on 'GH'

“General Hospital” spoilers for Tuesday, January 10th show us Jason and Curtis at the pawn shop. They find the secret office but then there’s a fire. Alexis confesses to Julian that she killed Tom. Diane asks Sonny what he knows about the bomb case that she doesn’t.

Carly asks Nelle to keep a secret with her from Sonny. Sam goes to see Ava about the bomb case and says there’s more to it. Ava worries that Sam knows she stole Morgan’s pills.

Her behavior alerts Sam that she’s hiding something. Franco and Scott decide Alexis is hiding more than her drinking.

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