"The Bachelor" is back with a bang, in fact the first event of the season group was a wedding photo shoot. The 12 beautiful girls selected for this activity were Vanessa, Britain, Alexis, Hailey, Lacey, Jasmine, Sarah, Raven, Corrine, Danielle L. Taylor and Elizabeth W. For these women, the famous Franco Lacosta photographer chose wedding dresses, but with exceptions. The cruel world of "The Bachelor" forced some girls to just be sad bridesmaids who watched while Nick schmoozed with a blushing bride directly to their left.

"The Bachelor": Nick made out with each girl

There were immediately kisses and Nick has tried with all the girls, while the girls got drunk with champagne to forget. Meanwhile, with Corinne in the dark about everything, she repeated what he loves to kiss Nick, because he's a really good kisser.

An awkward moment for Brittany was the wedding theme "Adam & Eve". Brittany remained topless and wore leaves as intimate extensions and hair like a shirt. During her photo shoot she was no bikinis and Nick took the opportunity to take her naked breasts in his hands from behind. Corinne has confirmed that Nick has kept her tits with "cavalry" and all the other girls have been forced to look at this photo shoot.

The date of Nick and Danielle was also very nice. They spent the morning flying over Newport Beach in a helicopter and then landed on a yacht for the day. Danielle is 31 years old and has a very sad history, which is well worth the attention of Nick.

The art of the break up

Nick chose other girls for a second exit in a museum: Christen, Josephine, Astrid, Jaimi, Kristina and Liz.

While the group to walk around the museum, Nick has kept away from Liz until the time called "the art of the break up". Here Nick was forced to engage in a false break with each of the girls, in front of the people present. The girls took the break with a smile, except Liz that who had to finally end her affair with Nick.

At the end of the episode of "The Bachelor," Nick decided to send Liz home and he confessed to having had sex with her nine months ago.