The “General Hospital” episode that aired in Canada on Friday, January 6th, will air in the US on Monday, January 9th. These detailed “GH” spoilers will get you ready for Monday’s shows. Good stuff with Julian and Alexis, plus Jason, Curtis, and homeless Buzz. Check out the extended sneak peek video of the 'GH' Monday show below.

Alexis confesses murder to Julian

Alexis rages at Julian for tossing out her liquor. He begs her to go 12 hours without a drink. Julian says he loves her and doesn’t want her to drink herself to death. She calls a car and goes to walk out.

Julian threatens to call Sam, Diane, Christina, and Molly for an intervention, and that stops her.

Alexis has memories of Tom trying to rape her in the alley outside the roadhouse. He pulls a knife on her and threatens to kill her. Alexis kicks him in the crotch and gets the knife, then tells him he messed with the wrong woman. That’s where her memory stops. Alexis thinks she killed him and tells Julian, but someone else killed Tom.

Jason and Curtis get info from Buzz

Buzz tells the guys that he snuck into the pawn shop and heard Rudge’s female boss telling him to kill the homeless guy that set the bomb – that’s him!

He says he’s been hiding and terrified ever since. Buzz tells them about a secret way to get into the pawn shop through the basement.

The guys give him money to get away to Baltimore. Sam fills Jason and Curtis in on her talk with Julian and says she believes that Julian didn’t have anything to do with the bomb, and is genuinely afraid for them.

Jason is furious and says he won’t have his family threatened. He plans to put an end to this.

Rudge tells the she-boss that he can’t find the homeless guy to kill him. She’s enraged, although we never hear her speak. She pours boiling tea on Rudge’s hand to punish him for not following her orders. He also must tell her about Jason getting closer to finding out about her.

Rudge cleans up the mess she made hurting him and promises to take care of Jason. Jason is determined to go to the pawn shop and he and Curtis find something incredible there. It’s not clear what it is and this might be the cliffhanger Friday moment that always leaves “GH” watchers hanging.

Laura and Elizabeth share girl talk

Laura talks to Elizabeth about Franco. Elizabeth is worried about his dark side, but also knows there’s a lot of light in Franco. Elizabeth tells Laura that her boys are all fond of Franco, and shows her a holiday photo of Franco with the kids over the Christmas holidays.

Laura encourages her to follow her heart, so Elizabeth decides to go surprise Franco at his place. The thing is, Franco isn’t there. He’s with his dad Scotty who wants to know if he killed Tom. Franco assures him he didn’t and tells him what he’s found out so far, and wants his help proving his innocence.

Kiki and Dillon intimacy interrupted

Elizabeth assumes Franco is at his place and stops by to get romantic, but instead she finds another couple about to get intimate. Elizabeth walks in on Dillon and Kiki (who were undressing and about to finally get intimate after all their false starts). Elizabeth’s interruption ruins the moment for Killon. Elizabeth asks a shocked Kiki not to tell Franco that she stopped by because she wants to surprise him.

Elizabeth leaves, but the mood is wrecked, and Kiki and Dillon discuss waiting until later for sex.

'GH' rumor or spoiler?

There is also a “GH” rumor/spoiler floating around that Julian lets slip JaSam's baby gender. But how would Julian know? Maybe he bribed someone to steal her medical records. Who knows? Take this one with a grain of salt, but the “General Hospital” rumor says the JaSam baby is a girl.

"General Hospital" airs weekdays on ABC, and be sure to check out Tristan Rogers' funny, yet harsh tweets about the "GH" writers. The Friday, January 6th pre-empted episode will air on Monday, January 9th, and this means the Naxie wedding will be pushed to Tuesday, January 17th. More to come soon on Finn's drug addiction.