The fans have been hopeful that Bryan Craig would come back to "General Hospital" ever since he left. He was loved in the role of Morgan Corinthos. There has not been any proof or a body found since Morgan allegedly died, so there has been a lot of talk about him coming back again.

Is Bryan Craig coming back to "General Hospital" again?

Laura Wright actually spoke to Soap Hub and cleared up the rumors about Bryan coming back again. Last month, Bryan Craig went to Twitter and shared a poll about if fans wanted him to come back again. Of course, the fans want him back, and this got everyone curious if that meant that Bryan would be returning.

Laura shared saying, "I’m sure they’d love to have the character back some day, but as of right now Bryan Craig is not coming back. Bryan Craig left the show in order to pursue other things. I’m guessing in any normal soap world — they don’t find a body, [so] it’s smart to leave things open." It isn't shocking that they didn't find a body and left fans wondering what happened to Morgan.

A lot of fans are disappointed to find out that Bryan Craig isn't coming back again. Instead, he has been moving on to work on other stuff and recently filmed a movie. You never know where Bryan will turn up next. There have been a few rumors that they will bring someone else in to play the role of Morgan, but that hasn't been confirmed yet at this time either.

Laura did insist that Bryan isn't coming back to the show again. He played her son that she had with Sonny Corinthos. This was the only son that they had together.

It was also recently revealed that Valerie is going to be leaving the show for a bit, but could come back from time to time. Brynti Sarpy who was on the show shared that she was going to be pursuing other things.

Are you sad to hear that Bryan Craig isn't coming back to "General Hospital" again? Do you think they will replace him with a new actor in the role of Morgan Corinthos? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC.