When contestant Lacey Mark arrived at "The Bachelor" mansion on a camel during the premiere, Nick Viall laughed when she said, "I hear you like a good hump, and so do I," she may have been kidding around. But it turns out that Lacey's reference to Nick's sex life wasn't far from the truth.

Nick reportedly has quite a track record when it comes to sleeping with ladies from the "Bachelor" franchise and we're not just talking about the women he spends the night with during the Fantasy Suite dates. According to Reality Steve, Nick got horizontal with at least seven ladies from various seasons of "The Bachelor" before he started filming his season and by the time he taped the season finale in November he "hit double digits." That's right, the guy who was offended that "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman wasn't in love with him when they "made love" during their overnight date now has a reputation for being a "Bachelor" playboy.

Who did Nick sleep with before his season?

When it comes to girls from the "Bachelor" franchise that Nick had sex with, there are a few names that are obvious, including "Bachelorette" stars Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe. While Fantasy Suite hookups are usually kept a secret, Nick revealed during the July 2014 "After the Final Rose" special that he had sex with Andi. Fans didn't have to wait quite as long to find out about his hookup with Kaitlyn — it was more than obvious what was going on during their one-on-one date early-on in the season (cameras were right outside the hotel door — that was awkward!). And it's highly likely that they slept together again during their overnight date as well.

Girl number three is contestant Elizabeth Sandoz who revealed on the "Bachelor" season premiere that she had a one-night stand with Nick before he became ABC's leading man. They slept together after Jade and Tanner Tolbert's wedding just in case you didn't hear her mention that a dozen times when she shared the details with contestant Christen Whitney during Episode 2.

Although Nick didn't kiss and tell about his night with Jen Saviano, the Hollywood Gossip reports that the couple did have sex before their "Bachelor in Paradise" breakup. No wonder Jen is a little salty about the whole thing — right after the show ended, it was revealed that he got the "Bachelor" gig, so can you blame her?

Is Corinne on the list?

[Warning — some Season 21 spoilers ahead]

So, that brings us up to four ladies from the franchise who have spent time in the sack with Nick. And while we can't be sure that Nick slept with all three ladies who make it to the Fantasy Suite dates this season, the folks at Hollywood Life state that the chances of Nick and his final three "not getting naked are slim to none."

If that's the case, his total would be seven ladies but Reality Steve is confident that there are more, stating that he slept with at least seven ladies before he even made it to the overnight dates this season.

Who are the other three?

Spoilers indicate that Corinne doesn't make it to the Fantasy Suite — Nick sends her packing after the hometown dates. But between pulling her top off and covering herself in whipped cream on episodes 2 and 3, fans may assume that she was able to get Nick naked at some point this season. Although previews show her entering his hotel room in an upcoming episode, Reality Steve states that Nick turns her sexual advances down. Imagine that?

For now, Reality Steve seems to be holding back on the names of the other three girls from the franchise who slept with Nick, but there is speculation that they aren't from this season. With 20 seasons already in the books, Nick has had dozens of girls to pick from.

Who do you think Nick was able to seduce from prior seasons and do you think his playboy ways will ruin his relationship with his final pick?