Lisa Marie Presley has allegedly revealed that her life as the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll (Elvis Presley) was not at all as it appeared to be, in fact, the 48-year-old singer and mother has reportedly described her life as dark and painful. New reports claim that Lisa Marie Presley lived a very unhappy childhood that later carried over into her adult life. Lisa states that her life has been a "living hell." She reveals that she was sexually molested at a very young age by one of her dad Elvis Presley's closest celebrity friends, one of the major tragedies that may have lead her into addiction.

What it's like being the King's daughter

As previously reported, Lisa is currently battling a serious prescription pain pill addiction and at this time is residing in a Los Angeles rehab facility. Lisa has also revealed that her marriage to Michael Jackson was a "sham," and believes that Jackson only married her in hopes of bettering his career and reputation.

Lisa Marie, divorce, Michael Jackson, and her mom!

Another lifelong lie she claims was her relationship with her mother Priscilla, she claims that she and her mother never got along and that Priscilla attempted to have her locked up in a psych ward. Lisa also adds that her mother took her ex-husband Michael Lockwood's side over hers during the divorce.

The painful relationship failure is what finally opened her eyes to her addiction and forced her to seek out help in rehab.

What it has all come down to according to Lisa Marie is that she never learned how to deal with the problems of life, saying that she has always had low self-esteem issues that she feels was brought on by being the daughter of one of the world's most famous men.It was Elvis' very early and tragic death, relationship issues with her mother, and the fact that she never had a strong parent to guide her that have all contributed.

Who would have ever thought? On the outside, it seemed that Lisa Marie had it all, but inside she was a broken child very much resembling her father's unhappy life. Such a sad story that has been kept locked away.

Do you believe Lisa's life would have been very different had Elvis lived longer?