According to a new report, coming out of the Yahoo! News camp, the big fight is set to go down, live, on pay-per-view between R&B star, Chris Brown and rapstar, Soulja Boy (real name: DeAndre Cortez Way) in sin city, Las Vegas,Nevada. I didn't see an exact day, but rest assured that it'll be revealed pretty soon.

It was all about the photos, it seems

Apparently, from all the Youtube clips that I watched and from Way's interview with Hollywood Unlocked (video below), this whole problem began with Brown, getting highly ticked off over the fact that Way liked some photos of his ex, Karrueche Tran.

He mentioned that Chris hit him up on a text message, telling him that he's got him all pissed off over liking the photos. From there, things ,apparently, escalated to the point that Soulja started bringing Chris' daughter into the argument, and that was the last straw. After that, talks of this fight began.

Heavy fighting words

Soulja started talking mad trash about how he was going to give Brown a major beat down and what not. He's even gone as far as to hire boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather, to train him. There's also another situation where Chris mentioned that Soula kept trying to facetime him with an apology or something, but he totally shot that down, saying it's gone too far now, and that he was going to get this a%$ whooping.

He also told him to quite trying to contact him, because he's trying to get him some and he's messing up his mood.

A huge payday

The Yahoo! folks said that Way made the big fight announcement, along with posting a poster that carried the caption, claiming he was fighting Brown, and would get a payday of $1 million dollars from it in Vegas, and that Floyd would be training him.

From there, Brown posted his own pic that featured him knocking Soulja the F out. This big fight is being promoted as a three-round competition with 2 to 3 minutes in each round.

I've also took the liberty of posting the video interview that Soulja and Floyd gave to Hollywood Unlocked yesterday, January 6th. It's pretty entertaining as Soulja is seen, talking a lot of trash. I hope he can back it all up, or else he's going to look real silly come March. Stay tuned.